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Company Profile

IKS Photovoltaik GmbH operates at an international level in the renewable energies sector. We specialise in the development, manufacture and sale of

  • training and experiment systems for
    • photovoltaics
    • wind energy
    • hydrogen/fuel cell technology and
    • energy efficiency

used in schools, universities of applied sciences, universities and in professional training and development

  • measuring and testing technology, for example
    • solar radiation sensors which provide rapid and reliable information on the solar energy yield of a photovoltaic plant
    • interesting, eye-catching PV display systems and
    • measuring equipment cases with innovative products for saving energy, reducing costs and protecting the environment for energy consultants, specialised tradesmen etc.

Another of our business segments is customer-specific developments, for example the production of individual measuring equipment cases, and developments which combine electrical/electronic and mechanical components.

Working in networks involving universities of applied science, institutes, freelancers and selected partner companies, IKS Photovoltaik GmbH offers extreme flexibility and great value production. A further factor in our success is our close collaboration with the University of Kassel, the Fraunhofer IWES, which has emerged from the ISET in 2009, and a number of other higher education institutions. This enables us constantly to implement new scientific concepts in practice and turn them into marketable products.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our company philosophy and is guaranteed by our products' high quality and long useful life, valuable teaching materials and detailed documentation, not to mention individual customer care. Added to this is the know-how of the IKS experts who have been working in the field of renewable energy since 1985 and are considered pioneers in the sector. Decades of experience coupled with high quality standards have positioned IKS Photovoltaik as one of the - if not the - global market leader.

Products and Services

Teaching Aids

    Photovoltaic teaching system for professional training and development
    Photovoltaik experimenting system for teaching in schools and training (sales) staff in the PV sector
  • WINDTRAINER junior
    Wind energy experimenting system for teaching in schools
  • H2 -TRAINER junior
    Hydrogen experimenting system for teaching in schools
  • Energie Check junior
    Measuring equipment cases for testing heating/ventilation, hot water, lighting and electrical devices in school lessons
  • Energie Check Profi
    Measuring equipment cases for testing heating/ventilation, hot water, lighting and electrical devices for energy consultants, janitors, engineering firms, environment officers etc.
  • Photovoltaik training material
    Training materials for specialists and schools

Measuring and Testing Technology

  • Photovoltaic simulators for teaching, research and test laboratories
  • ISET Sensor solar radiation sensor
  • VisiKid
    System for the child-friendly display of the energy yielded by photovoltaic plants

Customer-Specific Developments

  • Measuring equipment/measuring equipment cases
  • Prototypes and small batch production
  • Product individualisation